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Character indicators 3LS314Аare based linking arsenid-gallium-phosphide, epitaxial passivated.
Indicators are designed for visual indication.
Emission color – red.
Indicators have seven sections and decimal point, emitting light at direct current effect. Various combinations of elements, provided by external commutation, let realize number from 0 to 9 and decimal point.

Indicators are designed in plastic package. Character height – 2.5 mm.

Device weight – 0.25 g.

Basic technical parameters of letter-digital indicator 3LS314А:
• Emission color: red;
• Characters height: 2,5 mm;
• One section candlepower: 350 mcd;
• Constant forward voltage: maximum 2 V at 5 mА;
• Maximum spectral distribution: 0,65...0,67 mcm;
• Permissible variation of candlepower between sections: 50 %;
• Maximum rated constant forward current: 8 mА;
• Maximum rated reverse constant voltage: 5 V

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