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KU108ZH is a PNPN diffused silicon reverse-blocking triode thyristor (silicon-controlled rectifier), designed for operation as a high power switching device.

Case: metal-ceramic.

Weight: less than 45 g;

complete with the clamping device and the radiator: less than 220 g.

Electrical Characteristics.

On-state resistance at IT=5 А, less than

Peak on-state voltage at ITM=50 Аand IGTM=4.5 А, less than

Gate trigger peak voltage IGTM =4.5 А, less than

Gate non-trigger direct voltage, at least

Holding current VD=50 V, less than

Gate non-trigger direct current, at least

Direct off-state current at VD = VDM, less than

Direct reverse current at VR= VRM, less than

Turn-on time at VD = VDM, ITM =50 А, IGTM =4.5 А, dVD /dt=20 V/ µs, less than

Storage time at VD = VDM and ITM =50 А, less than

Rise time at VD = VDM and ITM =50 А, less than

Total capacity at VD =600 V, less than

Limiting Values:

Сontinuous off-state voltage

1000 V

Сontinuous reverse voltage

500 V

Minimum off-state voltage

25 V

Сontinuous reverse gate voltage

0.5 V

Off-state voltage rise rate

20 V/µs

Peak on-state current

150 А

Minimum peak on-state current

2 А

On-state current rise rate

500 А/µs

Peak forward gate current

4.5 А

Forward gate current rise rate

45 А/µs

Gate current pulse duration time

0.8...2 µs

Pulse repetition frequency at the on-state current duration of 0.55 µs

2000 Hz

On-state current pulse duration

0.5 µs

Peak gate power dissipation

150 W

Junction-to-case thermal resistance, less than


Ambient temperature


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