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EEPV-0.8-2.4 U3 850 kVar

Condenser EEPV-0,8-2,4-4U3 (high power) is designed to improve the power factor electrothermal installations frequency of 2.4 kHz.Condenser EEPV-0,8-2,4-4 U3 impregnated environmentally safe liquid, water-cooled, it has chistoplenochny insulator.
The service life of the capacitor EEPV 0,8-2,4-4-V3 - at least 25 years.

Dimensions :

condenser type H, mm H1, mm d, mm Weight, kg
Condenser EEPV-0,8-2,4-4U3 450 350 M16 28


parameter name Index
Rated voltage, kV 0.8
Frequency kHz 2.4
Power kVAr 850
Capacity microfarads 88.1
Dissipation factor 0,5h10-3
Number of insulated terminals 4

Notation options: Capacitor EEPV-0,8-2,4-4U3, EEPV0,8-2,4-4 U3, EEPV0,8-2,4-4U3,
EEPV-0,8-2,4-4 In 3 , EEPV-0,8-2,4-4U 3 EEPV 0.8-2.4-4-V3

Meets the requirements of GOST 18689-81 and IEC 60110-1,2.Require water cooling.The water cooling system is connected to the common terminal (output "0") and the condenser body.Dielectric Capacitors - film, impregnated with biodegradable synthetic fluid.

rarSpecification65 Kb

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