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K53-1A 6.8mkF 32V 20%

* Pictures are placed for illustration purpose only. Appearance of real component may differ.

Oxide-semiconductor tantalum encapsulated capacitors are designed for operation in direct and pulsed current circuits.

Climatic version – V and UHL

Capacitors are resistant to environmental factors according to OSTV 11 0025-84 with characteristic values of Climatic version ZU with additions and amendments ОZH0.464.044 TU.

Basic Technical Characteristics

Rated voltage, V- 6.3…40

Rated capacitance, µF - 0.033…100

Capacitance tolerance (20 °C, 50 Hz), % - ±10; ±20; ±30

High ambient temperature Tamb, maximum value during operation, +125 °С

Low ambient temperature Tamb, minimum value during operation, - 60 °С

Impedance at 10 kHz frequency, Ω - 2.5…57

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