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K73-16A 1mkF 63V 5%

Axial-leaded metallized polyethyleneterephthalate capacitor with fixed capacitance. Designed for use in DC, AC circuits and in impulse mode.

Distinctive parameters:

  • Noninductive design
  • High insulation resistance
  • Wide ambient air temperature range
  • Aluminum corrosion-resistant case
  • Axial terminals for wire mounting
  • Dielectric resilience after disruption

Technical parameters

Rated voltage, V


Rated capacitance, µF


Capacitance tolerance

±5%; ±10%; ±20%

Ambient air temperature,oC


Loss tangent


Insulation resistance between terminals, MOhm

≥12000 (for capacitance up to 0.33 µF)

Time constant (at 200oC)

≥4000 MOhm·µF (for capacitance more than 0.33 µF)

Insulation resistance between terminals and case, MOhm


Shelf life, years


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