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K75-15 0.5mkF 3kV 10%

Capacitors K75-15 0.5mkF 3kV 10%
* Pictures are placed for illustration purpose only. Appearance of real component may differ.

Composite metal foil capacitors for DC and impulse circuit. Designed for use as built-in elements of equipment.

Case type: sealed rectangular metal

Technical requirement: OZh0.464.092 TU


Rated capacitance, mkF


Rated voltage, kV


Allowed capacitance variation

±5%; ±10%; ±20%

Loss tangent at f=1 kHz


Insulation resistance (for capacitances up to 0.25 mkF), MOhm


Time constant (for capacitances more than 0.25 mkF), MOhm·mkF


Ambient air temperature, oC


Lifetime, h


Shelf life, years


Climate versions

boreal, all-climate

Annotation example: capacitor K75-15-40 kV-0.051 mkF ±10%-V OZh0.464.092 TU

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