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K75-24 2.2mkF 630V

* Pictures are placed for illustration purpose only. Appearance of real component may differ.

Composite metallized capacitor for use in AC, DC and impulse circuits. Produced in rectangular (versions 1, 2) and cylindrical (version 3) cases.

Climate versions: for boreal climate and all-climate in accordance with GOST15150-69.

Can be used as a replacement for: MBGO, K73P-2, K73-26, K75-10

Technical requirements version ADPK 6736.41.001 TU

Technical parameters

Rated voltage, V

400, 630, 1000, 1600

Rated capacitance, µF


Loss tangent at 1 kHz


Allowed capacitance approximation

±5%; ±10%; ±20%

Ambient air temperature, oC


Warranty lifetime, hours


Shelf life, years


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