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MBGO-2 20mkF 160V 10%

The MBGO-2 capacitors are metalized-paper single-layer sealed capasitors designed to generate powerful discharge current pulses in the load, and have a high energy capacity, for operation in DC and AC circuits. They are manufactured in metal rectangular casing, sealed with soldering, with strip terminals.

Basic Parameters of the MBGO-2 Capacitor

- Rated voltage: 160 V;

- Nominal capacity: 20 μF;

- Capacity tolerance: ± 10%;

- Dissipation factor (loss tangent) , not more than, - 0.015;

- Insulation resistance between terminals, for capacitors with a nominal capacity of up to 0.25 μF, not less than 800 MΩ;

- Insulation resistance between the terminals connected together and the capacitor body, not less than 5000 MΩ.

Ultimate performance of MBGO-2

- Ambient temperature: -60 C to +60 C;

- Relative humidity:

- for all-climate performance at a temperature of 35 C - 98%;

- for the moderate and cold climate performance at a temperature of 25 C - 98%;

- Minimum operating time: 20000 hours;

- The electrical parameters of the capacitors during the running time must comply with the standards:

- Capacity change ΔС, no more than ± 10%;

- Dissipation factor (loss tangent), not more than 0.025.

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