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MBM 0.05mkF 160V

* Pictures are placed for illustration purpose only. Appearance of real component may differ

The MBM are sealed insulated metalized-paper capacitors.

They have regular and fireproof design in two versions: single-layer - at a nominal voltage of 160 V (option 1); multilayer - for rated voltage of 250 V and more.
Designed for operation in DC, AC and pulsed current circuits.

Main characteristics of MBM capacitors:
- Nominal capacity microfarads: 0.01μF, 0.025μF, 0.05μF, 0.1μF, 0.2μF5, 0.5μF, 1.0 μF
- Rated voltage: 160V; 250V; 500V; 750V; 1500V
- Capacity tolerances: ± 10%; ± 20%
- Operating temperature range: -60 ... +70 C °

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