Microcircuit based on TTL technology.

Mass not more than 0.35 g

Case type: 401.14-1

Ambient air temperature: -60..+125 oC

Operational limits

Voltage, V

< 6

Input voltage to ground, V

< 5

Input sink current, mA

< 18

Input drain current, mA

< 15

Maximum load capacitance, pF

< 200

Heat dissipation (without heatsink), mW

< 100

Thermal die-to-ambient resistance, oC/mW


Maximum die temperature, oC


Soldering allowed at 260±5 oC, for not more than 3 s. Number of allowed resolderings: 2

Unused inputs can be united with one of inputs in used or connected to DC power supply with a resistor not less than 1 k? (multiple inputs can be connected to single resistor).Logic “1” level gain in this case depends on the number of connected inputs. Unused inputs can also be connected to unused logic gates’ outputs, these gates should be connected to “0” (ground) level.

Microcircuits should be mounted only in off state.

Maximum allowed static potential: 30 V

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