TTL-series digital microcircuit, 4-digit asynchronous binary counter.

Microcircuit contains 133 integrated elements

Case type 401.14-5, mass not more than 0.35 g

Power supply voltage 5±10% V

Power consumption not more than 6.6 mA

Ambient air temperature -60..+125 oC

Technical requirement version bK0.347.083-TU3

Overall usage recommendations:

Soldering temperature 235±5 oC, minimum distance between case and point of soldering 1 mm, duration 2±0.5 s

For automated assembly microcircuits: soldering temperature 256oC, duration not more than 4 s

Minimum distance from case to bend point 1±0.5 mm. Number of resolderings: 2

Maximum allowed static potential: 100 V

Random interfering signals can exceed rated supply voltage (up to 7 V, duration not more than 5 ms).

Power can be supplied only from this microcircuits’ power supply through an equivalent resistor, ensuring currents do not exceed those indicated in technical requirements

Unused inputs can be united with one of inputs in used or connected to DC power supply with a resistor not less than 1 k? (up to 20 inputs can be connected to single resistor).Logic “1” level gain in this case depends on the number of connected inputs. Unused inputs can also be connected to unused logic gates’ outputs, these gates should be connected to “0” (ground) level.

Input signal build-up time should not exceed 200 ms to avoid microcircuit malfunction.

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