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Microassemblies 140UD1701A are precision operational amplifiers with interior reset rate.

Microassemblies contain 81 integral elements.

Casing type 3101.8-8.01.
Supply voltage: ±15 В±10%.
Consumption current: maximum 6 mА.
Operating temperature: -60...+125°С.

Minimum lifetime and shelflife of microassemblies
- heated space, and also space with regulated humidity and temperature or places of microassemblies storage mounted into protected equipment or in protected set of spare parts - 25 years;
- unheated space - 16 years;
- under cover, and in the open, mounted into equipment in unprotected object or in spare parts set – 12.5 years.

Shelflife starts from the date marked on the microcircuit.

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