Powerful voltage regulators with adjustable positive polarity output voltage from 3 to 30 V and protection from overheating and overcurrent. The casing type is 4116 8-2, the weight is not more than 3 gr.

Electrical parameters

Voltage instability at Uin=45V, Uout=30V, Iout=10mA…………. 0,05%/V

The temperature voltage coefficient at Uin=20V, Uout=4V, Iout=10mA:

K142EN3A, K142EN4A <=0,01%/oC

K142EN3B, K142EN4B <=0,02%/oC

Voltage drift (per day) at Uin=45V, Uout=30V, Iout=10mA <=0,15%

Minimum voltage drop at Uin=19V, Uout=15V:

K142EN3A, K142EN4A <=3V

K142EN3B, K142EN4B <=4V

Current instability at Uin=19V, uout=15V:

K142EN3A, K142EN3B <=0,25%/A

K142EN4A, K142EN4B <=0,35%/A

Consumption current at Uin=45V, Uout=30V <=10mA

Maximum permissible operating conditions

Maximum input voltage:

K142EN3A, K142EN4A <=45V

K142EN3B, K142EN4B <=40V

Maximum input voltage:

K142EN3A, K142EN4A <=9V

K142EN3B, K142EN4B <=9,5V

Maximum output current (with the divider current) at Pcon=Pcon, max:

K142EN3A, K142EN4A <=1A

K142EN3B, K142EN4B <=0,75A

Maximum capability dispersal:

at t=-45…+85oC, Uin<=30V 6W

Uin>=30V 4W

at t=+100oC, Uin<=30V 2,5W

Uin>=30V 1,5W

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