Microassemblies 198NT1B are produced for dielectric isolation technology.

Microassembly 198NT1B is matrix of n-p-n transistors.

Microassemblies contain 5 integral elements.

Casing type 401.14-5, maximum weight 0,8 g.

Minimum service hours of microcircuits:
- in modes and conditions according to technical conditions - 100000 h;
- in derated operations with voltage, current and power below 60 % out of limit values – 120000 h.

Minimum shelflife of microassemblies:
- heated space and space with controlled humidity and temperature or in microassemblies storage locations mounted into protected equipment, or in protected set of spare parts - 25 years;
- unheated space – 16,5 years;
- under cover or in the outdoor area, mounted in equipment (in unprotected object), or in spare parts set – 12,5 years.

The time of shelflife begins from the date marked on microcircuit.

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