235PS1 integrated circuit is a frequency converter.

Electrical Characteristics:

Supply voltage +6.3V +10%

Power consumption < 35 mW

Conversion conductance at VIN = 10 mV, VLO = 100 mV

At fIN = 10 MHz, fLO = 8.4 MHz > 4.5 mA/V

At fIN = 150 Mhz, fLO = 148.4 MHz > 2.5 mA/V

Lower cut-off frequency at the level of -6 dB

at the signal input < 600 kHz

at the local oscillator input < 50 kHz

Frequency suppression ratio

at the signal output/at the local oscillator output > 10 dB

Input resistance at a frequency of 10 MHz

signal output >1kOhm

local oscillator output > 1.5kOhm

Input capacitance of the signal output/local oscillator output < 25 pF

Local oscillator voltage > 300 mV

Maximum Permissible Operation Conditions:

Ambient temperature -60…+70°С

Multiple temperature cycling -60…+70°С

Relative air humidity at +40°С upto98%

Atmospheric pressure 6.7х102 …3х105 Pa

Vibration loads (5-3000 Hz) up to 15 g

Repeated shock loads with the acceleration up to 75 g

Linear loads with the acceleration up to 100 g

Single shock loads with the acceleration up to 500 g

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