The microcircuit is an AC/DC voltage switch containing 18 integral elements.

Electrical parameters

Rated supply voltage

-15 V ±10 %

Consumption current

≤12 mA

Output leakage current

≤10 nA

On-state resistance

≤250 ?

Turn-on time

≤2.5 µs

Turn-off time

≤2 µs

Operational limits

Peak commutation voltage

±10 V

Control voltage logical 1 level

from 2.3 to 5.5 V

Control voltage logical 0 level

from 0 to 0.4 V

Minimum reverse control voltage

-2 V

Peak consumption current

4 mA

Peak commutation current per 1 gate

5 mA

Control current in static mode

3 mA

Upper frequency limit at Kfb=60dB

1 MHz

Power dissipation rating in temperature range:

-45… +35 oC

+35…+70 oC


20 mW

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