564LA7 is a CMOS integrated circuit consisting of four NAND2 logic elements.

It contains 64 integrated elements.

Weight: less than 1 g.

Operating temperature: -60…+125°С.

Current consumption: less than 0.006 mA.

Supply voltage: 4.2-13.5 V.

Minimum shelf life of the IC when stored:

- In a heated storage space or in a space with controlled humidity and temperature, or when stored being installed in environment-proofed equipment or being kept in an enclosed spares and tool kit– 25 years;

- In anunheated storage space – 16.5 years;

- Under cover or outdoors, installed in equipment (as part of an exposed facility), or in a spares and tool kit – 12.5 years.

Basic Performance Characteristics:

Supply voltage range from 4.2V to 15V

Limiting supply voltage from 0.5V to 18V

Operating temperature range from -60°Сto +125°С

Turn-on (turn-off) propagation delay time ≤ 160 ns at VCC= 5.0 V, VIH = 5.0 V, VIL = 0 V, CL = 50 pF, T = 25 °C.

Low-level output voltage ≤ 0.01at VCC= 5.0 V, VIH = 5.0 V, VIL = 0 V, T = 25 °C.

High-level output voltage ≥ 4.99at VCC= 5.0 V, VIH = 5.0 V, VIL = 0 V, T = 25 °C.

Limiting input and output voltage from -0.5V to (VCC+0.5) V

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