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Switchboardfilament lamp for switchboards, telephone and teleprinter exchanges. Lamps are suitable for DC and AC circuits.

Annotation breakdown:


KM - switchboard lamp

48 - rated voltage, V

50 - rated current, mA

Operational position: horizontal. Operational voltage not more than 1.1 x rated

Lamps are compliant with M1GOST 17516.1, GOST

Lamps are resistant to dry heat with temperature up to 338 K (65 oC) at relative humidity not more than 20% during 8 h. Climate version: boreal.

Technical parameters

Rated voltage, V


Rated current, A


Rated luminous flux, lm


Minimum lighting time, h


Dimensions, diameter x length, not more than, mm

6,6 x 4.6

Mass, not more than, g


Lamps have a transparent cylindrical tube with special base T6.8, which consists of 2 brass plates and a plastic tip. A version without a plastic tip is subject to custom order. Baseterminal plate is heat-resistant. Lamp is vacuum-filled with a mechanical resistant single-coil filament, able to withstand horizontal and vertical vibrations. Stem type - bead with single holder.

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