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Mesa-epitaxial gallium arsenide IR-emitting diode in plastic encapsulation.

3L107B diode is marked with a double strip.

Mass not more than 2 g

Case type KDI-7

Technical requirement version FY0.336.005 TU

Electrical and emission parameters

Emission power at +25 oC and steady forward current 100 mA, not less than

9 mW

Impulse emission power at steady forward current 0.8 A and impulse length 50 µS

50 mW

Wave length at spectrum density maximum and 100 mA

0.9..0.12 µm

Steady forward voltage at 100 mA

at >+25 oC

at -60oC

2 V

2.5 V

Operational limits

Steady forward current

at <+35 oC

at +85 oC

100 mA

80 mA

Impulse forward current at impulse length <50 µS and pulse ratio 20

at <+35 oC

at +85 oC

0.6 A

0.65 A

Ambient air temperature oC

-60..+85 oC

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