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Blocking Button is designed to operate in stationary and mobile installations to commutate DC electric circuits at voltage up to 30 V. Ithasa mechanical lock and three contacts for switching external commutation circuits. The button is used in control circuits of a wide range of electric installations. Mounting method: point-to-point, through a hole on the chassis or control panel of the electrical installation. Has an outside thread and is fixed with a locknut.
Technical Characteristics:
• Nominal voltage, V ...... 27
• Nominal current, A ...... 20
• Warranty period, years ...... 6
• Operating temperature range...... from -60 to +50 °С
Insulation resistance in normal conditions – min20 MΩ.
Durability - 10000 cycles "on" - "off" at average cycle frequency up to 12 per minute, and maximum duration 3 s.
Maximumweight2 g

Ambient temperature - from - 60 to +50оС.
Relative humidity at tamb +20±5оСto 98%.
Vibration range10-80 Hz.
Linear acceleration10 g.
Jarring at acceleration 10g and frequency 0,8 Hz.

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