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Matching low-frequency transformers are suitable for operation in boreal climate conditions at ambient temperature from - 60… to +85 oC, including coil overheating and relative humidity up to 93% at +25 oC.

TOT-type transformers are used in household and industrial audio frequency amplifiers.

Transformers are manufactured as assembly components for PCB of semiconductor-based devices.

Electrical parameters

Basic Parameters

Active bandpass operating range

300… 10000 Hz

Rated power range

0.025… 25 V-A

Resonant frequency range

800… 1000 Hz

Maximum primary-winding voltage

100 V

Maximum test voltage value

500 V

Total harmonic distortion at cutoff frequency of active bandpass from 300…to 10 000 Hz

max 5%

Amplitude-frequency distortion in the frequency range between 300…and 10 000 Hz

max 2 dB

Maximum alternating input voltage

140 V

Maximum voltage imbalance of transformer winding sections with the same number of turns


Transformer input impedance range

13… 22000 Ohms

Transformer ratio value

see table 4.5

Load impedance

4… 4000 Ohms

Maximum transformer ratio deviation

± 5%

Minimum winding insulation resistance

1.0 MOhms

Maximum DC voltage across a winding relative to magnetic core

100 V

Operating Conditions

Ambient temperature

high operating temperature

high-limit temperature

low operating temperature

low-limit temperature

low transportation temperature

temperature change (repeated exposure)

+85 oC

+125 oC

– 45 oC

– 60oC

– 60oC

– 60… +125oC

Relative air humidity at t= +25 oC

max 93 ± 3%

Atmospheric air pressure:

low operating pressure

low-limit pressure

high operating pressure

12.1 kPA (90 mmHg)

0.67 kPa (5 mmHg)

107 kPa (800 mmHg)

Maximum vibration load with acceleration in the frequency range from 1… to 2000 Hz

98.1 m/s2 (10g)

Multiple impacts with acceleration, and duration from 1 to 5 ms

max 1472 m/s2 (150g)

Single impacts with acceleration, and duration from 0.2 to 1 ms

4905 m/s2 (500g)

Maximum linear (centrifugal) load with acceleration

981 m/s2 (100g)

Maximum audible noise with band pressure level in the frequency range from 50…to 10000 Hz

160 dB

Climate version

boreal or all climate version

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