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6H7B-V is a subminiature dual diode with an oxide-coated indirectly heated cathode, characterized by advanced reliability and high mechanical strength, designed for application as a detector or a low-power rectifier tube.
Service life: at least 500 h.
Weight: less than 4 g.

General Performance Characteristics for 6H7B-V:
Nominal Electrical Parameters:
Heater voltage, V 6.3
Heater current, mA 300 ±30 Initial current (each diode), µA less than 20
Anode RMS voltage (each diode),V 165

Rectified current (each diode), mA at least 8

Limiting Values:
• Maximum heater voltage, V 6.9
• Minimum heater voltage, V 5.7
• Maximum anode inverse voltage amplitude (each diode), V 450 -
• Maximum anode dissipation (each diode), W 0.2
• Maximum heater-cathode voltage, V 200

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