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Wires, connectors 2RM14B4SH1A1

The 2RM series connectors are cylindrical low frequency small-sized connectors designed for work in electric circuits of direct and alternate current with frequency up to 3 MHz and voltage up to 700V. Connectors 2RM consist of two parts – plug and socket which can be either panel-mounted or cable-mounted. Panel-mounted parts of 2RM are manufactured without outer shell or with straight shell, cable mounted parts are manufactured without outer shell or with straight or angular outer shell. Type of joint - threaded, the polarization of the shells is single-key. The contacts are gold or silver-plated. The connectors are designed for installation with shielded or unshielded cables (wires), thus changing the type of the end nut of the shell. Connectors 2RM are designed for interior wiring.

Structure of the symbol:

( i.e. 2RMDT30KPE24G5V1V)

2RM – connector type;

Features: (G- sealed;GS- super sealed ;D- for long lines;P- wall-through type ;T- modification for tropical climatic conditions )

30 - conditional body size;

K - type of housing: (K - cable, B - panel (equipment); )

P - type of shell: (P - straight, U - angular;)

E -type of end nut of a shell: (E - for the screened cable, N - for not screened cable;)

24 - number of contacts;

G - part of the connector: (SH - plug; G–socket;)

5 - contacts layout;

V - contact coating: (A - gold, V - silver;)

1 - heat resistance (1 - 100 ° С; 2 – 200 ° С)

V - all-climatic performance;

L - left socket (only for through-type plugs).

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