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K10-17B M47 100pF 10%

Capacitors K10-17B are ceramic insulated with nonreversible lead-outs.
Capacitors are designed for work in circuits of direct and alternate current and in pulse modes.
K10-17B can work in conditions of high humidity without extra protection.
All-climatic modification (В).
Capacitors are produced in hydrogen resistant modification.

Basic technical characteristics of capacitors K10-17B:
- Nominal capacitance range: 2,2 pf...2,2 mcf

- Nominal voltage: 50; 100 V
- Capacitance tolerance: ±5; ±10; ±20; +50...-20; +80...-20 %
- Group TKE - P33; M47; М750; М1500; N50; N90
- Operating temperatures range: -65...+85°С;-60...+125°С

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