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Photodiodes FD-7K contain photosensitive element of round shape with diameter 10 mm.

FD-7K are designed for application in photoelectric automatics.
Devices are produced in cylinder metal-glass casing with flat entrance gate, stiff lead-outs tin-plated.
Photodiodes are marked with points on device casing at cathode lead-out.

Device maximum weight 10g.
Basic technical parameters of photodiodes FD-7K:
• Current photosensitivity at operating voltage 27V and lighting 1000 lk: minimum 0,56 mcA/lk;
• Dark current: maximum 5 mcА;
• Photodiode capacitance: 600 pF;
• Spectral photosensitivity range: 0,4...1,1 mcm;
• Maximum constant operating (reverse) voltage: 30 V;
• Maximum operating lighting: 1100 lk;
• Maximum short lighting (maximum 2 min): 11000 lk;
• Environment operating temperature interval: -60...+75 °С

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