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KD238VS diode assemblies each consists of two silicon-based, epitaxial layered planar diodes, with metal-semiconductor Schottky barrier junction and common cathode. Intended for low-voltage secondary power sources at 10...200 kHz frequencies. Produced in metal-plastic cases with contacts for through-hole PCB mount. Labeled with alpha-numerical code, the diagram of electrode pinout is printed on the casing.

Mass of the assembly not more than 3.0 g.

Type of casing: KT-28-2 (TO-220).

Сlimatic category: «NF» (moderate and cold climate)

Main technical specifications of KD238VS diode:

· Urs i max - Maximum impulse reverse voltage: 45 V;

· Idi max - Maximum forward current: 7.5 A;

· Idi i max - Maximum impulse forward current: 75 A;

· fd - Diode operating frequency: 10... 200 kHz;

· Udi - continuous forward voltage: not more than 0.65 V at Idi 7.5 A;

· Irs - continuous reverse current: not more than 1 mA at Urs 45 V


Notation convention of the diode electrical characteristics:

• Urs max - Maximum continuous reverse voltage;

• Urs imp max - Maximum impulse reverse voltage;

• Idi max - Maximum forward current;

• Idi imp max - Maximum impulse forward current;

• Udi/Idi - Continuous forward voltage (Udi) at the diode at the given continuous current (Idi) through the diod;

• trec rs - Reverse recovery time;

• Irs- Reverse current of the diode at the reverse voltage limit;

• fmax - Maximum operating frequency of the diode;

• P - maximum permissible continuous dissipated power at the diode;

• T - environmental temperature.

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