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Asynchronous inductive two-phase motor with a hollow nonmagnetic rotor. Special circuits provide a 90ophase difference between control winding and drive winding, which is independent of motor load. Motor load can be coupled with a pinion (for DID-0,1, DID-0,5, DID-0,6), a bushing or a sprocket. Load direct coupling, in case it is causing an axial thrust, is not allowed.

Motor mounting


Operating mode

continuous (S1)

Control winding and drive winding power supply voltage, V


Power supply frequency, Hz

for DID-TCh

for others



Annotation breakdown:

D – motor;

I – inductive;

D – two-phase;

Number – maximum power, W;

TA – heat-resistant;

TV, U – heat-resistant and moisture-proof;

TCh – heat-resistant with power supply frequency 1000 Hz.

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