Digital microassemblie of KMOP series.

Microassemblies 564LN2 are six logical elements not with output buffer.
IS do not have protecting diodes connected with anodes to power leads, which allows to apply voltage to microassemblies input, exceeding supply voltage. So, they can be applied for output level matching KMOP with inputs of ТТL-schemes.
Microassemblies contain 19 integral elements.
Casing type 401.14-5, maximum weight 1 g.
Operating temperature: -60...+125°С.
Consumption current: maximum 0,03 mА.
Supply voltage: 4,2-13,5 V.

Minimum shelflife of microassemblies:
- in heated space or in space with regulated humidity and temperature or in places of storing of microassemblies, mounted into protected devices or in protected set of spare parts - 25 years;
- in unheated space – 16,5 years;
- under cover and in the open, mounted in devices (not protected objects) or in set of spare parts – 12,5 years.

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