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40V 400 Hz power supply transformer

Compact power supply transformer to be used to supply power for semiconductor devices in 40 V 400 Hz AC networks.

Power supply transformer of TPP type have multiple secondary windings for various voltages and currents, which, being coupled series or parallel, provide a wide range of output voltages and currents to supply devices of various purposes of use.

Transformers are built in all-climate and boreal climate versions.

Main parameters for 400 Hz TPP transformer:

Rated output power

17 VA

Supply voltage

40 V

Output voltages

2,5V; 5V; 1,3V

Nominal condition secondary windings current


Efficiency output


Operating free-air temperature range

-60…+85 oC

Relative humidity at +40 oC

98 %

Temperature cycling:

-for all-climate version (W)

-for boreal climate version (NF)

-60…+140 oC

-60..+85 oC

Single impacts with duration 1-10 ms with acceleration

up to 500 g

Multiple impacts with duration 1-80 ms and frequency not less than 40-60 min-1 with acceleration

up to 100 g

Linear stress load

up to 50 g

Minimum running time

not less than 10000 h

Shelf life

12 years

Transformer can be used in peak power output mode with input frequencies from 380 to 1000 Hz. Minimum running time in these conditions is 5000 h

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