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Silicon planar-diffusion diode is designed for converting AC voltages up to 100 kHz.
2D120A-1 diode is manufactured in a flexible lead glass-metal case.

A dot on the casing is placed on the side of the positive lead. Diode type and electrode connection diagram can be found on the casing.
Maximum weight – 0.6 g
Casingtype: KD-8.
Technical specification: aA0.339.382 TU

Basic technical characteristics:
• Urev max -Maximum impulse reverse voltage: 100 V;
• Urevi max – Maximum impulse reverse voltage: 100 V;
• Idir max – Maximum direct current: 0,3 A;
• Idiri max –Maximum direct impulse current: 3 А;
• Udir–Constant direct voltage: max 1 V atIdir 0,3 A;
• fmax–Diode operating frequency: 100 kHz

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