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2S133A is a silicon diffused voltage regulator (Zener diode) of low power, designed to regulate the nominal voltage of 3.3 V over the 3 to 81 mA Zener current range. The package is the glass type with flexible leads. Weight: less than 1 g

Performance Characteristics:

Dissipation power, W 0.3

Minimum Zener voltage, V 3

Nominal Zener voltage, V 3.3

Maximum Zener voltage, V 3.6

Static resistance, Ohm (at Ist = 10mA) 65

Zener voltage temperature coefficient, %/оС 0.11

Zener voltage instability over time, V 1

Minimum Zener current, mA 3

Maximum Zener current, mA 81

Operating temperature, оС -60...125

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