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Silicone planar medium voltage and power Zener diode.
Designed to stabilize nominal voltage 22V in the current range 1...37 mA.
Assembled in a metal-glass package with a flexible lead.
Type of Zener diode is indicated on the package.
Zener diode package serves as a positive electrode (anode) in the operating mode.
Max weight1 g
Main technical characteristics:
• Nominal Zener voltage: 22 V at 5мА;
•Zener voltage spread: 19,8... 24,2 V;
•Temperature coefficient: ±0,1 %/°С;
•Zener diode voltage repeatability: ±1 %;
• Small-signal resistance: 200 Ω atIz1 mA;
• Minimum permissible Zener current: 1 mA;
• Maximum permissible Zener current: 37 mA;
• Maximum permissible power dissipation: 1 W;
• Operating ambient temperature range: -60... +100 °С

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