Average accuracy operational amplifier with input transistors, ultra-high amplification, low input currents, built-in frequency correction and output short-circuit protection.

Microcircuit contains 45 integrated elements.

Case type 3101.8-9.01, mass not more than 1.3 g.

Power supply voltage ±15 V ±10%

Current consumption not more than 5 mA

Ambient air temperature -60..+125 oC

Marking code: 140UD6BVK - UD6B in accordance with AEYaR.431130.171 TU

Minimum shelf life

In a heated storage, or in a storage with controlledhumidity and temperature, or in a microcircuit storage, installed into enclosed equipment or in a protected spare parts kit

25 years

In a non-heated storage

16.5 years

Under a shed or in open area, installed into equipment or in a spare parts kit

12.5 years

Shelf life begins from manufacturing date, marked on the microcircuit.

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