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Thyristor is a (P-N-P-N) silicon semiconductor device of average capacity.

It can be made to operate as either an open-circuit switch or as a controlled rectifying diode.

The device is assembled in a hard-leadglass-metal case.

Its metal base is connected to the anode; and the cathode has an increased output length.

Thyristor type is indicated on the side of the case.
Maximum weight – 14 grams.

Electrical Parameters

Average on-state current IT(AV) = 10 A, max

Тc = 25°С

1,5 V

Тc = -60°С

2,0 V

Gate trigger voltage at Uас= 10 V, I GT = 0,2 A, Тc = -60°С, max

7,0 V

Gate non-trigger direct voltage at Uас= UD max, Тc = Тc max, min

0,2 V

Direct off-state current at Uас= U D max, RG=∞, Тc = Тc max, max

10 mA

Hold current at UD=10 V, max

0,3 A

Direct reverse current at UR = UR max, RG = ∞, Тc = Тc max, max

10 mA

Gate trigger direct current at UD =10 V, I T (AV) =10 A, Тc = -60°С, max

0,2 A

Gate non-trigger direct current at UD = Uасmax, Тc = Тc max, min

2,5 mA

Turn-on time at UD = 50 V, IT (AV) =10 A, I GT = 0,2 A, Тc = Тc max, max

10 us

Turn-off time at Uас, i = UD max, duoff /dt = 5 V/us, IT (AV) = 10 А, Тc = Тc max, max

100 us

Operational Limits

Maximum direct reverse voltage

400 V

Maximum direct off-state voltage

400 V

Critical rate of rise of off-state voltage

5,0 V/us

Maximum forward gate direct voltage

10 V

Maximum direct on-state current at Тc =70°С

10 A

Repetitive peak on-state current at I T (AV) = 5 А, τi =10 ms

30 A

Surge on-state current at τi = 50 mcs

50 A

Maximum forward gate direct current

0,3 A

Maximum peak forward gate current at tc = 50 mcs

0,5 A

Maximum reverse gate direct current

5,0 mA

Maximum average power dissipation


20 W


1,5 W

Maximum peak gate power dissipation

U c, d, i = 20 В, tc =10 mcs, Тc=70°С

20 W

U c, d, i = 10 В, tc =50 mcs, Тc=70°С

2,5 W

Ambient temperature

From -60 to

Тc = 110°С

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