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(127V) 220V 50 Hz power supply transformers of TPP series

Compact power supply transformer to be used to supply power for semiconductor devices in 220 V (127V) 50Hz AC networks.

Based on unified design shell-cores, transformer can provide electrical output power from 1.65 to 200 VA

Power supply transformer of TPP type have multiple secondary windings for various voltages and currents, which, being coupled series or parallel, provide a wide range of output voltages and currents to supply devices of various purposes of use.

Transformers are built in all-climate and boreal climate versions.

Main parameters for 50 Hz TPP transformer:

Rated output power

from 1.65 to 200 VA

Supply voltage

(127 V) 220V

Output voltages

0,35..0,75V, 1,25....5V, 10V, 20V

Nominal condition secondary winding current

from 0.03 to 18,6 A

Efficiency output


Operating free-air temperature range

-60…+85 oC

Relative humidity at +40 oC

98 %

Temperature cycling:

-for all-climate version (W)

-for boreal climate version (NF)

-60…+140 oC

-60..+85 oC

Single impacts with duration 1-10 ms with acceleration

up to 500 g

Multiple impacts with duration 1-80 ms and frequency not less than 40-60 min-1 with acceleration

up to 100 g

Linear stress load

up to 50 g

Minimum running time

not less than 10000 h

Shelf life

12 years

Minimum running time in these conditions is 5000 h

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