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Transistors T825A are amplifying silicone mesaplanar with p-n-p structure.
are designed for work in amplifiers and switching devices.
Transistors 2Т825А, 2Т825B, 2Т825V are designed in metal casing with glass isolators and stiff leads.
Device type is marked on the casing.
Transistor 2Т825А-5 is designed as crystals undivided on board with bond pads for hybrid integral microassembles.
Device type is marked on labels.
Transistor weight:
- in metal casing maximum 20 g,
- chip maximum 0,025 g.

Casing typeq: КТ-9 (ТО-3).
Technical conditions: аА0.339.054 TY.

Basic technical characteristics of transistor 2Т825А:
• Transistor structure: p-n-p;
• Рc max – constant dissipated capacity of collector with heatsink: 125 W;
• fc – cutoff frequency of current transfer coefficient for pattern with grounded emitter: minimum 4 MHz;
• Uv max – Maximum voltage emitter – base at reverse current and open circuit of collector: 5 V;
• Ic max -Maximum direct current of collector: 20 А;
• Ic иmax – Maximum pulse current of collector: 40 А;
• h21 – Statistical coefficient of current transfer of transistor for patterns with grounded emitter: 500...18000;
• Сj – Collector junction capacity: maximum 600 pF;
• Rsr – saturation resistance between collector and emitter: maximum 0,4 Ohm

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