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Silicone epitaxial planar NPN switching transistor.
Designed for switching devices and power supply of auxiliary circuits.
Assembled in a ceramet flexible stripline package.

Transistor type is indicated on the package.
Max weight 7 g
Package type: КТ-57.

• Structure: n-p-n;
• Рcmax – Totalheatsinkcollectordissipation: 30W;
• fc – Cutoff frequency of a common-emitter amplifier: min 25MHz;

• Ucermax – Maximum collector-emitter voltage for given collector current and given resistance in the base-emitter circuit: 200V;

• Uebomax – Maximum emitter-base voltage for given emitter reverse current and open collector circuit: 4V;
• Icmax – Maximum direct current rating of a collector: 20A;

• Icpmax – Maximum pulse current of a collector: 20А;
• Icer–Collector cutoff current - current through the collector junction at a given collector-base return voltage and an open emitter terminal: max 25mA (100V);
• h21e – Staticvalueoftheforwardcurrenttransferratioforcommon-emitteramplifier: 15;
• Сc –Collector capacitance: max 400 pF;

• Rce sat – Collector-to-emitter saturation resistance: 0,15Ω.

• tto - Circuit-commutated turn-off time: max 450 ns

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