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Silicone Mesaplanar Composite SwitchingPNP Transistor

Designed for amplifiers and switching devices.

Assembled in metal package with glass insulators and flexible leads.

Transistor type is indicated on the package.
Max weight 2 g
Package type: КТ-2 (ТО-39).

Main technical characteristics of 2Т708Atransistor:
• Structure: p-n-p
• Рc max – Total heat sink collector dissipation: 5 W;
•fc – Cutoff frequency of a common-emitter amplifier: min 3 MHz;
• Ucer max – Maximum collector-emitter voltage for given collector current and given resistance in the base-emitter circuit: 100 V;
• Uebo max – Maximum emitter-base voltage for given emitter reverse current and open collector circuit: 5 V;
• Ic max – Maximum direct current rating of a collector: 2,5 A;

• h21 - Static value of the forward current transfer ratio for common-emitter amplifier: min 500

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