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Transistors 2Т903B are silicon mesaplanar generating with n-p-n structure.

Transistors are designed for application in power amplifiers and active oscillators.
Transistors are produced in metal-glass casing with stiff lead-outs.

Device type marked on case.
Transistor maximum weight 24 g.

Basic technical characteristics of transistors 2Т903B:
• Transistor structure: n-p-n;
• Рc t max – Constant dissipated power of collector with heatsink: 30 Vt;
• fgr – Cutoff frequency of current transmitting coefficient for circuit with common emitter: over 120 MHz;
• Ueb max – Maximum voltage emitter-base at given reverse current of emitter and open circuit of collector: 4 V;
• Ic max - Maximum current of collector: 3 А;
• Ic p max – Collector maximum pulse current: 10 А;
• h21e – Static coefficient of current transmitting for circuits with common emitter: 40... 180;
• Сc – Collector junction capacitance: maximum 180 pF;
• Rce sat – Saturation resistance between collector and emitter: maximum 1 Om;
• Рout – Output power of transistor: minimum 10 Vt at frequency 50 MHz

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