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The 2T912A silicon epitaxial-planar n-p-n transistors are designed for use in linear power amplifiers at frequencies of 1.5 ... 30 MHz at a supply voltage of 27 V. 2T912A and 2T912B transistors are manufactured in a metal-ceramic casing with rigid terminals and a mounting screw. There is a semiconductor diode temperature sensor inside the casing. The type of the device is indicated on the housing. The transistor weight in the metal-ceramic casing is not more than 45 grams, the crystal is not more than 0.01 g. Body type: КТ-5 (ТО-63).

The main technical characteristics of the transistor 2T912A:

Structure of the transistor


Maximum collector power dissipation (with heatsink)

30 W

Transition frequency

more than 90 MHz

Maximum collector-emitter voltage

70 V

Maximum emitter-base voltage

5 V

Maximum permissible constant collector current

20 A

Collector-emitter reverse current

not more than 50 mA (70V);

Static transistor current transfer ratio for circuits with common emitter

10 ... 50

Collector junction capacity

not more than 200 pF

Power gain

not less than 10 dB

Transistor output power

at least 70 W at 30 MHz

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