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Silicon Epitaxial Planar Linear Transistor 2Т921А of n-p-n structure.
Designed for broadband power amplifiers, stabilizers, and voltage converters.

Manufactured in ceramic-metal snap-in package.

Type of transmitter is stated on the package.
Max weight 6,5 g
Package: КТ-4

Main technical characteristics:
• Structure: n-p-n;
• Рc max–Total heatsink collector dissipation: 12,5 ВmW;
• fc – Cutoff frequency of a common-emitter amplifier: min 90 MHz;
• Ucer max–Maximum collector-emitter voltage for given collector current and given resistance in the base-emitter circuit: 65 V (0,1kΩ);
• Uebo max –Maximum emitter-base voltage for given emitter reverse current and open collector circuit: 4 V;
• Ic max – Maximum direct current rating of a collector: 3,5 A;
• Icer–Collector-emitter cutoff current for given collector-emitter reverse voltage and base-emitter circuit resistance: max 10 mA (70V);
• h21e–Static value of the forward current transfer ratio for common-emitter amplifier: min 10;
• Сiob–Collector-base capacitance: max 50 pF;
• Gp–Power gain: min 8 dB;
• Рout–Transistor output power: min 12,5 W at frequency 60 MHz;
• t –Capacitance-resistance charging time at high frequency: max 22 µs

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