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Transistor Performance Characteristics:
• Transistor structure: n-p-n;
• Maximum collector power dissipation: 150 mW;
• Beta cutoff frequency in the common-emitter circuit: at least 30 MHz;
• Maximum collector-base voltage at the specified collector cutoff current and with the open emitter circuit: 30 V;
• Maximum emitter-base voltage at the specified emitter cutoff current and with the open collector circuit: 3 V;
• Maximum permissible collector direct current: 10 mA;
• Collector cutoff current - collector-junction current at the specified collector-base cutoff voltage and with the open emitter lead: less than 10 µA;
• Forward current transfer ratio: 40... 120;
• Collector-junction capacity: less than 10 pF;
• Collector-to-emitter saturation resistance: less than 300 Ohm

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