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Transistors 2T306A are silicon, epitaxial-planar, amplifying, with n-p-n structure.

Transistors are designed for application in amplifiers with high and super high frequency in switching devices.

Transistors 2Т306А are produced in metal-glass casing with flexible leads.

Device type marked on casing.

Transistor weight, maximum: 0.5 g.

Basic technical characteristics of transistor 2Т306A:

• Рc max – constant dissipated power of collector: 150 mW;
• fl – limit frequency of coefficient of current transmitting of transistor for circuit with common emitter, minimum 300 MHz;
• Ucer max – maximum voltage collector-emitter at given current of collector and given resistance in base-emitter circuit: 10 V (3 kOm);
• Uebоmax – maximum voltage emitter-base at given reverse current of emitter and open circuit of collector: 4 V;
• Ic max – maximum direct current of collector: 50 mА;
• h21E – static coefficient of current transmitting for connection with common emitter: 20...60;
• Сc – collector junction capacitance: maximum 0.55 pF;
• tк– time constant of back coupling at high frequency: maximum 500 ps

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