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The transistors 2T845A are silicon mesa-planar switching transistors of the n-p-n structure type.

They are intended to be used in switching and pulse devices. They are produced in a metal case with glass insulators and rigid leads. They are marked with a digital-alphabetical code on the transistor case.

Type of casing: KT-9 (TO-3).

Mass of the transistor not more than 20.0 g.

Warranty storage period of the transistors is 25 years from the date of inspection, in case of product retesting - from the retest date.

Guaranteed lifetime:
- 25000 hours - in the modes allowed by the technical conditions;
- 40000 hours - in the light load mode.

The guaranteed lifetime is calculated within the warranty storage period.

Main technical specifications:

Transistor structure: n-p-n;

Рc h max - continuous dissipated power of the collector with a heatsink: 40 W;

flim - frequency limit of the static current gain of the transistor in common-emitter circuit: not lower than 4.5 MHz;

Ucer max - maximum collector-emitter voltage at a specified current of the collector and set resistance in the base-emitter circuit: 400 V (0.01 kOhm);

Uebo max - maximum emitter-base voltage at a specified emitter reverse current and open collector circuit: 4 V;

Ic max - maximum permissible DC current of the collector: 5 А;

Ic imp max - maximum permissible impulse current of the collector: 7.5 А;

Icer - reverse collector-emitter current at a specified reverse collector-emitter voltage and resistance in the base-emitter circuit: 3 mA (400 V);

h21e (hFE) - Static collector-to-base current gain: 15... 100;

Сc - collector junction capacitance: not more than 45 pF;

Rce sat - collector-emitter saturation resistance: not more than 0.75 Ohm;

tdis - time of discharge: not more than 4000 ns.

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