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Switching planar p-n-p silicon transistor for use in secondary power sources and switching devices. 2T505A transistor is built in metal case with glass insulators and flexible pins. Mass <= 2g.

Electrical parameters

Static collector-to-base current gain at Ucb=10 V, Ie=0.5A:

T=+25 oC

T=+125 oC, not less than

T=-60 oC, not less than




Beta cutoff at Ucb=10 V, Ie=0.05 A

20…30*…40* MHz

Critical voltage at Ie=10 A, ti=300 µs, Q = 100, not less than

rating value

250 V

270 V

Collector-to-emitter saturation voltage at Ic= 0.5 A, Ib= 0.1 A

0.15…0.7…1.8 V

Base-to-emitter saturation voltage at Ic= 0.5 A, Ib= 0.1 A

1.35…1.6…1.8 V

Collector-to-base breakdown voltage at Icb0 = 0.5 mA, not less than

rating value

300 V

320 V

Base-to-emitter breakdown voltage at Ibe=0.5 mA, not less than

rating value

5 V

6* V

Turn-on delay at Uce=40V, Ic=0.2 A, Ib=0.02 A

0.2*…0.25*…0.3 µs

Turn-off delay at Uce=40V, Ic=0.2 A, Ib=0.02 A

1.7*…2.7*…3.5 µs

Discharge delay at Uce=40V, Ic=0.2 A, Ib=0.02 A

0.7*…1.6*…2.6 µs

Collector reverse current, not more than:

T=+25 oC at Ucb=300 V

T=+125 oC at Ucb=250 V

100 µA

500 µA

Emitter reverse current at Ueb=5V, not more than

100 µA

Collector capacitance at Ucb= 5 V

27*…50*…70 pF

Emitter capacitance at Ueb = 0.5 V

320*…420*…500 pF

Operational limits

Collector-to-base continuous voltage1

300 V

Collector-to-emitter continuous voltage1

Rbe= 100 Ohm

Rbe= ∞

300 V

250 V

Emitter-to-base continuous voltage

5 V

Collector continuous current2

1 A

Collector impulse current3 at ti = 2 µs, Q = 2

0.5 A

Collector continuous dissipated power at Tc=-60…+25 oC

with heatsink

without heatsink

5 W

1 W

Thermal junction-to-ambient resistance

150 oC/W

Junction temperature

+175 oC

Ambient air temperature

-60…Tk=+125 oC

1 rate of reverse voltage rise dU/dt≤150 V/µs

2 without collector continuous dissipated power value surpassing

3 at Q > 2 use the following formula for current: Ici max= Ici max * Q A

4 at Tk> +25 oC maximum collector continuous dissipated power backs-off straight to 2 W with heatsink and 0.4 W without heatsink

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